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Facial Plastic Surgery

Your face is the business card of your personality, and it is quite natural that you want to feel and look good. Our bodies age naturally, and that affects the skin on your face, as well.  It is a slow process if we do not encourage it with too little sleep, smoking, presence in smoky rooms, too much sun-tanning, and insufficient care for our facial skin.

The aging process is very individual for each of us however by reaching age around 40 first signs are become more noticeable. 

The skin on your face and neck becomes drier and less flexible. Small wrinkles begin to appear around your eyes and your mouth.  The skin on your lips is particularly delicate and thin, and if you don’t take care of it, the signs of aging will appear more quickly.  Your facial tissue and adipose tissue begin to sag, which changes the oval appearance of your face. The arteries that are in your facial skin become more and more visible.

You will benefit in your battle against the signs of aging if you conduct combined facial refreshment procedures.  The improvements will be visible and outstanding, and you will save both time and money.

Today medicine and science offers you many options to age in a beautiful way. It is great feeling to watch yourself in mirror without bothering yourself with a question: “Do I really look the age I am?”

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